Interested in starting a podcast for your business, but you’re unsure if it’s beneficial? Well, keep reading! Podcasting is here to stay with over 51% of households listening to podcasts, that’s over 60 million people tuning in. Podcasts are the best way to engage your target audience; with listeners tuning into over 26 minutes per episode, by comparison YouTube viewers watch on average 5 minutes. 

A podcast for your business is an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience, develop brand authority and potentially new clients for the future. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a podcast. 

  1. Connect with Your Audience

As we know, social media is the go-to in terms of promoting your business and finding clientele. While social media is a great platform to use, it’s not the only way. Remember that as a social media user, you don’t own your platform. If Instagram were to die today. How would this affect your business?  By creating a podcast for your business, you have another avenue and the creative power to connect with your audience not only as an expert in your field but by also building a personal relationship with your audience. 

According to BBCs recent research branded podcasts result in an 89% increase in brand awareness, 57% more brand consideration, and 24% higher brand favorability.

  1. Expand Your Reach

Podcasting allows you to expand your market and demographic. The same people who are constantly on social media, may not be the same people who listen to podcasts daily. This is a great way to cater and provide information to your audience with variety. Your audience will appreciate the gesture with having multiple ways to digest information. 

  1. Repurpose Content

If you’re a one-man show, repurposing content is your best friend. As a business owner, it’s important to think smarter and not harder. For example, at the end of each week, you can use the content that you posted on social media and/or your blog, and use that for a podcast episode. These episodes can be used to recap the content from the past week and again connect with your audience who use a variety of platforms. By repurposing you’re content, you’re providing quality versus quantity. 

  1. A great way to connect with people on the go

How many business owners have time to read a book at their leisure? Or an article? My guess is it’s probably been a while. Having a podcast gives your audience the opportunity to engage with your content even if they’re busy throughout the day. They can listen to your podcast before or after work, during lunch breaks, or even running errands. 

  1. Growing industry

As mentioned earlier, over 50%  of homes are listening to podcasts. This number will continue to grow as we’re transitioning away from traditional media outlets. Over 68 million people listen to podcasts weekly. This is a great opportunity to hone in on your audience and be the go-to expert in your industry. 


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