You are reading this because you’ve seen that podcasts are a ‘thing’ now. Podcasts are one of the biggest upward trends in online content and marketing, and stats are continually burgeoning. Below we’ll show you the top reasons your small business needs a podcast. If this sounds daunting, take a deep breath and keep reading—it is much more manageable than you may think.

8 Reasons your Small Business Needs a Podcast in your Marketing Strategy

Connecting with your Industry and Cross Promotion 

An industry-specific podcast is listened to by people within that industry. People want to connect with brands they support, and a podcast is a great way to do this. As you create your brand podcast, you will invite others in your niche to join you, providing you with great cross-promotion opportunities. For example, if you run a local business and ask other local business owners to be a guest, you’ll not only reach your audience but their audience as well.

 Humanizing your a Brand 

The most successful marketing campaigns humanize a brand by making it about the community, employees, and customers in the last few years. Humanizing your brand creates an emotional connection between your target audience and you. A podcast is a fantastic way to turn traditional marketing into an emotional connection.

The Increasing Popularity 

You’re reading this, so you know podcasts are ‘a thing’. As of 2021, 15 billion hours of podcasts were listened to (up from 12 billion in 2019). It is an accessible medium for people to consume content while multitasking with things like driving and exercising. As of 2020, 20% of Americans listen to at least one podcast weekly. 

 Extremely Cost-Effective

Unlike more traditional marketing avenues, podcasting is a cost-effective strategy. With a small upfront investment in equipment, the only other asset is your own time to create the content and how you position your show.

Multiple Streams of Content

A podcast seems like a one-and-done strategy; however, one episode can turn into multiple pieces of content. For example, 

  • Short audio clips as teasers to encourage your audience to listen to the full episode.
  • Transcribing into a blog post to help increase SEO for your brand and traffic to your website.

 Establishes you and your Brand as an Authority  

A podcast is your opportunity to build brand authority within your industry. Podcasting gives your target audience insight into you, sets your brand apart, and helps your business stand out.

 It is Fun 

A podcast is technical ‘work’; however, most brands who create a podcast enjoy the experience. It is sharing your knowledge, connecting with your audience and others within your industry. 

 Improved SEO and Marketing

There are many ways to make your podcast SEO friendly, which can increase your website traffic. One way is to have it transcribed and add your primary SEO keywords. Another way is to create an article or multiple articles based on your brand.

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