Podcast Management Services

Podcast hosts usually wear many hats, from guest booking to sound engineering you’re one stop shop. Let us take the hassle out of podcasting.

Here at Pod House Media, we want to help you mange your podcast to help you not only attract your target audience but also develops your podcasts authority within your niche.

Our podcast management services focuses on freeing up your time so that you can focus on creating great content. We offer various packages to help you manage your podcast.

Let Us Take The Hassle Out of Podcasting!



(Includes 4 episodes up to 60 min)

    • Mix intro/outro music, segment transitions, and sponsorship breaks
    • Level automation to provide a great listening experience
    • Adjust audio levels to fix inconsistencies within the audio
    • Mastering/EQ adjustments to enhance vocal clarity
    • Removing filler words like um, like, you know and long pauses to eliminate distractions

    Investment: Starting at $450/mo



    *Everything from the audio package PLUS:(Includes 4 episodes up to 60 min)

    • Show notes for each episode
    • Uploading and scheduling episodes to host platform
    • Create an audiogram for each episode
    • Setting up and organizing episodes within google drive

    Investment:  Starting at $850/mo



    *Everything from the audio and content packages PLUS: (Includes 4 episodes up to 60 min)

    • Guest Booking & Management
    • Researching potential podcast topics and creating outlines

    • Quarterly Growth Strategy calls

    • Maintain podcast website (Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace Only)

    Investment: Starting at $1,250/mo

    A full-service podcast production house focused on helping entrepreneurs, brands, and organizations start, grow, and manage their podcast.