As an employer, the last thing you want to do is bore your employees with irrelevant information. With an internal podcast, this is a great opportunity to develop authentic relationships with your team and learn who they are as people outside of your brand. To ensure that your team will engage in your internal podcast, it’s important to consider them when creating the content. 

  1. Don’t talk at your team, talk with your team. 

The podcast should be informative, fun, and engaging. The last thing you want your employees to feel is like they have to add another task to their responsibilities to listen to the podcast. 

  1. Consider getting a host and production team! 

Maybe you have great information to share with your team, but don’t have the best personality or voice. Please consider getting a host and production team! The tone and the flow of a podcast is the difference between people listening and engaging or skimming through content. 

  1. Get your team on board! Let them express themselves too. 

There’s no I in team, so your podcast should be a reflection of that. To add more culture to the workplace, consider adding employee(s) to the episodes. They can share their expertise, experience, and other things that resonate with the topic for the episode. 

  1. Pick topics that are interesting to the team! 

The last thing we want to do is bore our employees. Please take the time to consider the content that you want to share with your teammates. 

  1. Having an internal podcast can spark creativity in employees.

While you’re investing in communication with your team it might inspire employees to take their talents to another level. The main thing employees seek for in the workplace is investment and understanding. An internal podcast can bring that to employees and open doors.  

These tips should help you to develop the flow you’ll need for your internal podcast! Good luck!