Podcast Launch Services

Launching a podcast can be a lot of work. From determining equipment to finding the right music to set the tone for your show, it can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in; we take your idea and make it a reality!

Here at Pod House Media, we want to help you bring your new podcast to life by supporting you with everything from recording equipment  to planning and launch strategies.

Our podcast launch services provide guidance, support to ensure your podcast launches without a hitch. Our two packages focus on support and full scale service.  

Let’s Get Your Voice Out There!

GUIDe house

  • 6 weeks of Support
  • Training videos on how to edit your show
  • Assistance with sourcing music for your show
  • Bi-weekly 45-minute coaching calls
  • 3 podcasts reviewed with feedback
  • Show notes reviewed with feedback
  • Voxer Support throughout
  • Creating a Launch Plan for your Podcast
  • Assistance with creating podcast workflows for you and your team
  • Support around how to position your podcast within your business model
  • iTunes cover graphic and 1 promo graphics created by one of our designers

Investment: Starting at $1,250

launch house

  • Create Podcast Logo
  • Creation of Theme songs/music
  • Guest booking for up to 6 episode
  • Create a cover image for your podcast
  • Creating social media templates (Up to 10 Graphics)
  • Uploading and scheduling up to 6 episodes for publication
  • Support with Selecting equipment and selecting a podcast host
  • Registering your podcast through Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher
  • Creating show notes for each of your submitted episodes
  • Support around how to position your podcast to assist within your business
  • Creating (2) audiograms for episode promotion on social media, up to 6 episodes
  • Podcast launch press release developed and sent to 3 publications within you niche

Investment: Starting at $2,550

A full-service podcast production house focused on helping entrepreneurs, brands, and organizations start, grow, and manage their podcast.