What is an internal podcast? An internal podcast is a flexible way to communicate with your team. Unlike traditional podcasts, an internal podcast is specifically for your employees without being published for everyone to hear. An internal podcast is especially beneficial during a pandemic. With everyone working from home, different time zones, and schedules, communication can get lost in translation. By having an internal podcast, it allows everyone to understand the tone and expectations for their role and team. 

Maybe this sounds like extra work, but this can be beneficial to your employees. Instead of scheduled video calls and check-ins all the time. An internal podcast can be an asset without disrupting the workflow for your employees. 

An internal podcast can be an alternative to newsletters and emails as well. Think about it? How many times have you received an email from your employer and wanted to immediately trash it without reading a word? By creating a podcast, you can add personality, music, and anything else that you feel will help your employees feel energized and happy to be working for your business. 

It’s so easy to get distracted and assume while working from a computer screen without much human interaction. This is a great way to maintain healthy work relationships. The last thing you want as an employer is for your employees to feel like they’re going under the radar. In a time like this, feeling seen and heard is essential even from a computer screen