Are you looking for more ways to inform your audience of your business, content, and products? A branded podcast is perfect for you. What is a branded podcast? Well, it’s as simple as it sounds, a podcast dedicated specifically to your brand. This is an extension of your brand and a unique way to connect with your audience without the corny gimmicks to get people to invest in your brand and products. Keep reading to learn the five benefits of having a branded podcast. 

  1. Having a branded podcast is a great way to be considered an expert in your field. For example, as a writer, a branded podcast would look like providing tools, insights, and action oriented steps to assist other writers in their journey. With each episode, briefly mention your business with relevance to the topic and how it can be beneficial to your audience. 
  1. A branded podcast can be a perfect opportunity to bring on other creatives in your industry to share their experiences and insight. By providing a podcast to educate, be transparent, and offer your services is a win for everyone. As a brand, you’re able to cross over to other audiences by collaborating with other experts. Our generation is big on transparency and behind the scenes, so by offering a podcast with tools your audience can resonate and see themselves in your content. 
  1. Marketing/Analytics. Outside of social media, a branded podcast is a great way to market and expand your reach. With the analytics provided, you can dissect your brand from a different perspective. This allows you to see what your listeners enjoy, where they stop listening, etc. This data can help you to update your content and leave room for conversation by asking your listeners what content they want to see more of. 
  1. More clientele, opportunities for growth, and money. Let’s be real. You want your brand to make money! A branded podcast can help you achieve those financial goals you’re seeking. By providing useful content on multiple platforms you give yourself the leverage to be seen. Batch your content and use your podcast to not only inform and get clients but keep it real. Most times, clients invest in your brand because of the person behind it.
  1. Have fun! Remember your branded podcast is your world of expertise. Have fun with it. Be personable and provide tangible resources to your listeners. The more authentic you are, the more your audience will appreciate you.